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"Highland is Home Season Two: A Path to Progression"

What do you remember of your first downhill experience? Was it thrilling? Harrowing? A bit of both? We all start somewhere! This month we’re highlighting five different riders who share a common Highland introduction: the Find Your Ride program.


Meet Jason and Danielle, who visited Highland for the first time this summer; Justin, who has built a career coaching and racing; Jill, who used the FYR to get back to basics with a year of downhill already under her belt; and Joe, who went from taking Find Your Ride lessons to leading them and is now Highland’s Patrol Manager.

FEATURING: Jill Armstrong, Justin Lagassey, Joe Lovell, Danielle Atkinson, Jason Bolduc

DIRECTED: James Willette

PRODUCED: Highland Mountain Bike Park

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Bailey J. Beltramo


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