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"Ry's Way"

It started with a simple text saying "Hey Nate, would you want to film some kind of edit on Ry's Way?" and culminated as a tribute to NH cycling legend Ry Perry. Such is the beauty of creative projects. 

"Ry's Way" features local rider Nate LaTourette taking a casual afternoon lap on a trail close to home, tucked away in suburban Concord. It concludes with the voices of friends, families, and loved-ones telling stories of trail's namesake so that recreators may feel a little more connected to the winding path of Ry's Way.

FEATURING: Nate LaTourette

DIRECTED: Bailey J. Beltramo

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Austin Wilder, Bailey J. Beltramo


WITH SUPPORT FROM: Matt Bowser, Katie Firczuk, Judy Caron, Chris Perry, 

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