As I Wandered...

over the past years I have been fortunate to wander far and wander often. Sometimes it's to a foreign country but often times just a cathartic walk through the woods. The inspiration for this blog began with one of my greatest travel experiences to date -- a period of four months studying abroad while pursuing my undergraduate degree. My goal then, as it is now, was to document the hidden experiences found by happenstance. The happy accidents. The unintentional. The dirt road reaching off into the distance that's taunting you to kick up some dust and see where it goes. As my photography knowledge has grown over the years, I have begun to incorporate tid-bits of lessons often learned the hard way and some insight into my process with a camera. 

So I welcome you to wander along! Share in the experiences, the lessons, the moments captured that often go unseen. I always enjoy feedback and discussion whether it be through email, as a comment on this page, or through the blog Instagram: @asi_.wandered. Drop your name and email below to subscribe to the blog, or click the icon to follow my page.

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Thanks for wandering along!