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"Out of The Woods"

A visual and moving commentary on the isolation the world has faced for the past two years, Out of the Woods is an original piece accompanied by original choreography performed by dancers from The Studio at Meredith Bay intended to show the joy that we find in being back together once again. 

FEATURING: Nicole Sullivan, Cecilia Hornkohl, Adalyn Taggett, Reese Dutile, Grace Southworth, Kaitlyn Arruda, Ellie Twaddell, Kerry Forkell, Meredith Gerken, Ruby Walker, Meadow True, Leah Fraser, Bailey Taggett

DIRECTED: Ashley Meeken

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Bailey J. Beltramo

EDITING: Bailey J. Beltramo

CHOREOGRAPHED: Allison Patterson, Ashley Meeken

MUSIC: Brad Myrick & Nicola Cipriani

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