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A Foodie's Delight

I mentioned briefly in my last post the Borough's Market located along the south shore of the Thames River in London. Now for a little more detail...

I found out about the market through an online article entitled something to the effect of "101 Free Things to Do in London." The irony of that title, as I would find out, is that walking through the Borough Market is anything but a monetarily free venture. Every piece of food looks and smells SO good, that I dare anyone to walk through there and not drop a few pounds (pounds as in the currency, you will be gaining a few pounds as in the metric). But, it is free to get in so I assume that's how it made the cut.

The epicenter of the market sits right underneath rail tracks that pass overhead, and it's a maze of tents, tables, and hungry humans. Make sure though that you do a full walk-around before you start making your choices. There is a little side alley winds its way up to the main street by the walls of the Cathedral Church of St. Saviour which is definitely worth checking out, particularly if you are a fan of Spanish food and/or beer! Then, on the very far west side of the market, slightly hidden, is a designated fresh produce section; it is a colorful burst of every fresh fruit and vegetable you can imagine.

As far as the food itself goes in the main tents, well... I will let pictures speak for themselves. Just be forewarned, walking through the market is an assault on the senses, but in all the right ways.

Try not to get too hungry!!

P.S. Turns out trying to take pictures in such a densely packed market is seriously hard! Photobombing all of my shots was probably the absolute last concern in everyone's minds. So, sorry for not having more pictures but hey, guess you will just have to wander out that way yourself!

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